8 Insane (But True) Things About Digital Marketing in 2017

January 2nd, 2017 / Nidheesh Chandran / 0 comments

The landscape of digital marketing is drastically changing as digital marketers are seeking to capture the attention of always-on and fast-moving consumers. The facts we will be discussing in this blog will help every digital marketer to conquer the digital landscape. 1, Digital Marketing, The CHEAPEST Way To Drive More Sales Digital marketing is an essential tool for achieving success as businesses today. The advantages of digital marketing over the traditional advertising means are inundating. Digital marketing enjoys mobility as the number of devices that can be a means of connecting to the internet is rising at a fast pace.…


Not getting enough likes & shares on your social media posts? Read on..

November 29th, 2016 / Joseph Justin / 0 comments

It can be very frustrating when your social media posts are ignored (nor liked nor commented by none), though the post may have the potential to blaze up yet it captures little or no attention. Then you see another guy getting tons of likes and comments and shares on lame posts. The major agenda of a social media post is to share the greatness and beauty of it to your friends and to keep in touch with others, not in your immediate environment. You may have tried so hard to build relationships with some of your fans but the interaction…


The Ultimate guide for generating leads using your website!

November 21st, 2016 / Nidheesh Chandran / 1 comment

Is your website driving real leads that can be closed by your sales team? Like any other company, you may be aware that you need convert-able leads. You aren’t very sure on how to begin. A lot of companies are yet to discover the best strategy for the generation of online leads via their website. So here is the Ultimate guide for generating leads using your website. First off, we begin by defining a lead. A lead is a person contacting you due to the interest he/she develops in the service or products of your company. The leads usually visit…