Digital Marketing for Construction Companies

We know the construction industry, and we know all well. Our skill is in helping manufactures, interior designers, contractors and suppliers share their message via branding progress, content making, and digital marketing, so they can advance to the next stage. No doubt, an expert marketing strategy can better your market share and increase your profitability in construction industry.

Services we can provide to customers in the construction and trade industry

Branding for Construction Companies

By working with us, you are accessing a team of experts, forward thinking creative graphic designers. We handpick which designers job on your project by matching your vision to achieve that project success.

Web development for Construction Companies

The XakBoX Digital Marketing Studio have produced 100s of website designs for our customers, from easy one page site designs to complex and elaborate ecommerce site designs, for a big range of industries.

Our preferred system to build sites on is WordPress. We are anyway well equipped to provide site design and development services on a big range of other site platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and more. We also provide domain and hosting services as well as maintenance and support which is customized for construction industry.

Social media for Construction Companies

We provide the service of proactively posting one or different social network on our customers behalf, will smart techniques developed over time to extract important information so the brand voice and content remains authentic and relevant and the audience grows around your business.

We are also at the cutting edge of social media marketing and can offer case studies for a big range of industries where we have achieved a big range of results – from building up users, to gaining sales and lead, product sales and site visitations.

Digital Marketing for Construction Companies

SEO for Construction Companies

Search engine marketing is one of the most amazing and economical way to draw focus to your firm. You have full control; you set the daily restrictions so there is no risk of exceeding your budget, the program is simple to pause, and you can redirect the target of the advertisements at any time.

Construction photography

There is a huge difference between photography and snapshots. There is an even larger difference between a complete jobsite shot on a Smartphone versus a top-standard expert camera. Successful marketing definitely needs great photography. A timeless image stands on its own and evokes meaning without knowledge of the people, things or places in the composition.

A well-executed photography plan permits a construction firm to rightly display and promote products, projects, or services, permitting you to set your firm apart from others in your field.

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