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What is Inbound Marketing ?

Inbound is the right kind of advertising that your company needs to bring in more business leads, substantial views and tons of sales and fortune. Since Brian Halligan coined the term, inbound has been generating waves in the marketing world. Inbound marketing is all about attracting the right crowd, converting them with compelling original content and nurturing them through the sales process.

All in all it sounds way better than the hassle of loud traditional marketing which is intrusive and interruptive. People know how to evade them these days. Emails get sent to the bin or are marked junk. TV ads get skipped and spam calls are effectively blocked.

"Stop interrupting what people are interested in ... Become what people are interested in."


Viewers Skip TV Ads


of Direct Mails are never opened


Spam calls take place every month in India

We view inbound methodology as an effective marketing strategy to bring prospects to your business by publishing remarkable appealing content. We focus on creating quality content that the customers are interested in and educate them about your services in the process. Inbound brings customers to you. Since great content fuels the inbound methodology, tailoring content specifically for those who view your site can make them keep coming back for more.

That way we focus on increasing your marketing ROI and growing your business through a digital marketing strategy. It's a lot easier and affordable to pick and mix different services to launch a proper marketing plan to compete with your rivals in this aggressive market.

XakBoX Digital Marketing agency have the best inbound marketing strategy to solve your problems.

Our comprehensive online marketing & online advertisement package covers the whole of inbound marketing and more. Our packages are cost-effective, and are incredibly efficient, allowing you to develop a digital marketing strategy that is easy to follow and hassle-free.

Our inbound marketing services team has worked with numerous companies to propel their marketing efforts in the right direction, and in the process we have built up a store of knowledge and expertise. We diagnose the need and create demand for inbound marketing services. Our clients can happily ouch for the ascent on leads due to the inbound strategy.
With that being said we'll help you get the visitors your site needs to succeed.

Inbound marketing has a variety of tools at its disposal. These tools when combined with the right strategy and planning help to optimize the web pages and mark them fit to generate leads and sales for your company.

300% Improvement in Lead Generation.

our inbound marketing process

Buyer persona

Creating a buyer persona helps every business to gain a deeper understanding of the buyer. Since all markets are buyer oriented, getting to know your buyer is the first step for any successful business venture. It is the prime responsibility of clients to foresee what their customers require and fulfil them accordingly. Making a persona gives insight into goal directed buying behaviours.

A buyer persona can be deemed as a semi-fictional representation of your ideal customer based on market research and real data about your existing customers.
Xakbox covers you every step of the way from analyzing your customers to detailed persona development. We help you analyze what type of customers’ approach you to what type of customers should you target

Buyer persona

Editorial Calendar

Every great businessman keeps a pocket diary in which he marks his schedules. Why shouldn’t your business be any different? After all, “a goal without a plan is just a wish!” Schedule your programmes and prepare a list of what you plan to publish.

An editorial calendar helps your team to have a clear workflow to know what is being done and what still needs to be done. Thereby not just expanding productivity, but also ensuring the team publishes content consistently.
Xakbox ensures that you have a complete plan for your publishing process of valuable content. We help you collaborate, schedule and automate all your content marketing strategies and we ensure you stick to your editorial calendar.

Editorial Calendar

Site Optimization

Site optimization is a set of age old techniques exploited by marketers to stay uptight in the digital competition.

The inbound methodology takes advantage of the user’s query
It involves providing suitable information that the users are seeking.
Optimizing tools analyze the site and increases its speed, picks the right keywords and improves overall chances that your website will be indexed by search engines.
Thereby bringing in more traffic and generating leads

Our specialised SEO team at Xakbox provides you with the expertise needed to optimize your website and generate visitors to your site by obtaining a high ranking in the search engine pages of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Site Optimization

Content Creation

If you’re not using content marketing as a prime strategy to reach your audience, then you’re already behind. Content marketers have seen 6 times conversion rates than those not adopting it.
At Xakbox we aim to publish valuable content that attracts and converts prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers. To achieve this goal, it is vital to publish your content wherever your audience spends time and engages with content.

In our experience, content marketing has proven to be very effective when done right. Our team of professional copywriters pick out the right keywords and craft them together to create a personalized experience for your users. Xakbox contributes digital content that helps drive traffic to your website, thereby boost your business.

Content Creation

Landing Pages

So you’ve managed to create a charming website for your business. And you’ve optimized your site to be SEO friendly and your page views are soaring. But now how do you convert these visitors into customers?
Landing pages answer that question. They are designed for a single purpose: to get website visitors into the next stage of the buying process.

Creating a landing page for your website is a powerful method suited for those who wish to take their SEO to the next level. Landing pages are an important feature of inbound marketing. Designing and optimizing your landing pages can bring in more leads.

Landing Pages

Content Promotion

Distributing Content is just as important as creating great content. Effective promotion of relevant content at the right place at the right time helps to boost your business. Xakbox currently uses few techniques for online advertising.

Running a ppc campaign is the fastest way to be seen and gives instantaneous results. Your ad stays on top of the search engine for all to see and you can target specific types of potential clients.

Retargeting ads keep your brand upfront wherever your visitors go. It’s a great way to bring back window shoppers and compel them to buy your product.

Content Promotion


Social media exists at the intersection of humanity and technology. Though an enormous amount of people are spending tons of time online, only a handful of marketers have mastered the art of using social media to build communities within the business market and gained customers through it. Social media marketing guarantees higher brand recognition.
Fb,twitter, instagm, pinterest, linkedin.

Xakbox keeps your business on top of the latest buzz and gets your matter out there in front of millions of web users. We customize your content for each social media platform and help you use social media as an online platform to promote yourself to a wider audience.



Email marketing was widely used as an outbound tool to bombard unsuspecting users with tons of spam mails. But that was before ‘inbound’ was born. Here at XakBox Design and art studio, we integrate email marketing and inbound campaigns into content based marketing to improve your client-customer relations.

The key is to send relevant and valuable content to your subscribers and also open up a two-way communication so they would keep coming back for more.
A properly-implemented email marketing program is an effective tool to improve the impact of your overall content marketing efforts by keeping your audience engaged, drive traffic to your web pages, and help build stronger relationships.


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