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Best wordpress plug-ins in 2019

Top WordPress plug-ins you must have in 2019

Plug-ins are an important part of the WordPress sites. Using the best plug-ins, WordPress has evolved from a simple blog site to a…
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Growth Digital Marketing India

Growth of Digital Marketing In India 2019

Is there a single day you do not Google? With the advent of digital marketing in India, 2018 has been quite a successful…
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Blog commenting strategy

Are Blog comments Effective for Generating Backlinks to Your Page!

Blog commenting involves posting comments on blogs and directing a backlink to the website. It is an extensively used strategy to get traffic…
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Digital Marketing-Inbound Marketing-Growth Hacking

Digital Marketing Vs. Inbound Marketing Vs. Growth Hacking

The terms Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Growth Hacking are not fancy buzzwords! Identifying the right audience and building an online presence for…
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