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How did Jio change the Indian Digital Landscape and Online Market?

It is been 3 years since Jio was introduced to the public and at present India leads in data usage per phone at about 9.8 GB per month ( Study done by Ericsson). Jio’s part in this Online boom cannot be denied because it wasn’t just Jio offering low data prices. In order to remain competitive, other telecom operators had to lower their tariffs and thereby create a new norm where the Internet was just another cheap commodity. Many people, from rural areas, who never experienced the internet before was getting access to high-speed connectivity.
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How to Set up TikTok ads? One step at a time.

As far as social media platforms go, TikTok is the new kid on the block. The video-sharing app that has taken the world by storm has over 1 billion downloads from Google Play and App Store as of February 2019 and this has turned some heads. Considering this gold mine opportunity, ByteDance (TikTok's parent company) started to allow ads on their platforms around January of 2019. In this blog, we explain step by step how to implement ads on the TikTok platform. We would also take you through the different aspects and features of the TikTok ads dashboard.
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How to effectively use hashtags in your Instagram business account + top 10 hashtags in 5 industries.

Popular social media platform Instagram is reported to engage over 500 million users from across the globe on a daily basis. Clever business entrepreneurs are taking the hint and marking their online presence using this platform.But with over 100 million photos uploaded every day, it's hard to stand out. So how can you make sure that your business is found in this sea of content?
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How LinkedIn advertisement can help you generate quality leads? 7 steps to Get you Started.

Are you planning to generate high leads for your business? Your business may be slackening and competitors are steering ahead with sales growth. You are puzzled on how to react to such a situation. Consider lead generation through social media platforms. You could start your online lead generation strategy through effective platforms such as LinkedIn for first or successive initiatives.
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Best wordpress plug-ins in 2019

Top WordPress plug-ins you must have in 2019

Plug-ins are an important part of the WordPress sites. Using the best plug-ins, WordPress has evolved from a simple blog site to a successful and popular content management system and application framework, It is possible to create any kind of websites with WordPress and not merely blogs and important to choose the best ones. The plug-ins may take only 10 seconds for installation but they can transform your WordPress websites.
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Growth Digital Marketing India

Growth of Digital Marketing In India 2019

Is there a single day you do not Google? With the advent of digital marketing in India, 2018 has been quite a successful year for India from a marketer’s perspective.! Since 2016, it has seen a rapid rise in the usage of Digital Marketing in India. This method also saves a lot on cost production so it’s a win-win all around. IDC predicts that by the end of 2019, the digital marketing industry will be worth over $102 billion!
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storytelling an important part of inbound marketing

Why is storytelling considered an important part of marketing nowadays?

Storytelling is the art of communicating ideas on brands to audiences using facts and narratives. Brand storytelling is a tested and proven strategy in marketing nowadays. With the great influence of social media in society, business owners are using these platforms and promoting their brand’s product and services using the effective storytelling technique. Storytelling strategy can generate trust for your brand, improve the sales.
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Smart Tips To Keep In Mind While Writing Cold Emails in 2019

Cold emailing is complex - you have no clue about the audience to whom you are emailing. You may have to send hundreds or even thousands of emails to contacts across the globe. You, unfortunately, received no response. The recipients are busy without time to respond but you want some response to your cold emails. Here are some clever tips that will fetch you success and even increase the response rate to your emails.
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15 Tips and Tricks to Improve your Facebook Post

How Do I Improve My Facebook Post? 15 Tips and Tricks

Facebook is the harbinger of social media promotions. Followers can connect with friend circuits, keep these circuits alive and also plan promotions online. Plenty of new businesses are planning promotions through effective social media posts such as posting on the leading social media platform Facebook. With some careful considerations, you can improve your Facebook posts. Here are some suggestions to improve your Facebook posts.
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