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meme marketing campaign

What is Meme Marketing? How is it Relevant in the Current Market Scenario?

In the age of 60-second videos and flashing stories, Meme marketing has become quite relevant. Memes have become the language of Social Media. They are reconstructing the way in which people communicate through the internet. GIFs or images plastered with a text are becoming the norm of online communication.
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Promote Website With Inbound Marketing Strategies

Promote Your Website With These Inbound Marketing Strategies -Must-Do Hacks For Exploding Traffic!

Back in 2006 when the term “Inbound Marketing” was coined, nobody expected that ‘Inbound Marketing’ meant ‘LEAD GENERATION’! According to the statistics, Inbound marketing produces 54% more leads than paid marketing. The costs were found to be 62% less per lead.
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Boost Your Business With Personal Branding

How to Boost Your Business With Personal Branding?

Are you looking for better strategies to promote your businesses? Your search should end at personal branding. Personal branding is a strategy for promoting products and services by creating the audience around an important person. You can develop your brand around the person than using a business name and create followers for the brand easily.
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Blog commenting strategy

Are Blog comments Effective for Generating Backlinks to Your Page!

Blog commenting involves posting comments on blogs and directing a backlink to the website. It is an extensively used strategy to get traffic to any website using backlinks. You can easily get followers online for your published blogs. On seeing others follow the blog, many followers will join to comment on the blog and aim to get noticed. Get more.
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Guidelines for young startup entrepreneur

10 Startup Guidelines for Young Business Entrepreneurs

As a start-up CEO, you can follow some good advice that can help you attain the success of your business. While following good advice and guidelines you can easily assess the pros and cons that can affect your business in the long run. Learning from mistakes can cost high in business scenarios instead try to gather message from the top players in your domain.
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Impact of Social media in real life

Impact of being really involve on today’s Social Media Channels!

With 425 million mobile users and 100 billion connections, the monthly social media users have amounted to nearly 850 million! Astonishing?! Well. Not really. This figure is assumed to go up to the height of its attainability in the near future! Social media can well be defined as an electronic tool that serves to connect people remotely at their convenience. Get more on social media.
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Digital Marketing-Inbound Marketing-Growth Hacking

Digital Marketing Vs. Inbound Marketing Vs. Growth Hacking

The terms Digital Marketing, Inbound Marketing and Growth Hacking are not fancy buzzwords! Identifying the right audience and building an online presence for your business is necessary. When you say Digital Marketing, SEO is not the one-pill solution for all your business illness! Get more about how a successful marketing strategy works wonders?
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Why Employ Social Media Sentiment Analysis For Your Businesses

Why Employ Social Media Sentiment Analysis For Your Businesses

Sentiment Analysis is a process used to identify the attitude of customer groups towards products or services offered to them. Using this strategy, businesses can understand the attitude or emotional reaction towards their brands or products. Business can easily trace any negative opinions of the customers toward their brand. Click to Learn more.
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Watch Your Business Grow Dynamically With Social Selling

If you are a start-up and looking for dynamic strategies that can shoot up your business to success. Then, it's a fabulous idea to implement social selling and promote your business. Even existing businesses can scale up to new heights with the implementation of effective social selling strategy. Social selling is the effective channel for introducing...
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