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The ArtD’Hope Foundation, a not-for-profit association of artists. The major objective of the association is to collect lovers and patrons of art through their association. They bring artists from across the world with its objective to create a unique confluence of artistic expression and vision. Through their creations and artistic expressions, the foundation strives to create a better world for today and for tomorrow.


The client was interested in promoting art and artists with the help of the latest technology and communication systems. Their aim was to create a unique platform for artists to showcase and sell their creations.


Finally, the organization aims to utilize all of its resources, networks and other creative forces to create exceptional social impacts to make the world a better place for every living thing, for today and for tomorrow.


ArtD’Hope Foundation intended to create a collaborative network of artists. This was facilitated through online events and communities which consisted of industry veterans and businessmen who helped in creating opportunities for the artists.


During the huddle to discuss the requirements of the project, we were able to realize the following from the client

  • The client wanted us to create a strong online presence for their brand and non-profit association.
  • Another requirement placed forward by them was a website. The wanted us to create it and market it, subsequently.
  • They also wanted to improve the number of visitors to their website
  • They also sought help in improving the strength of their artist Network and community.
  • We were also asked to help them promote their works, events and other activities they indulge in.
  • The wanted to get more buyers for their artworks
  • They also needed help with fundraising campaigns and activity


The analyses of the requirements of the client rendered us with the following challenges

  • The client did not have a website
  • The client did not know about various options available for digital marketing and paid ads
  • The client had a tight budget since it was a non-profit
  • We had to begin the process of branding from scratch
  • The artists did not have any knowledge about digital marketing and its options
  • They did not have any social media presence and we had to begin from creating social media accounts for them.
  • Developing brand awareness was extremely difficult as the audience spectrum was too narrow and the client was a new player


Since the client was new and looking for a firm footing in the business sector, we created a unique strategy for marketing that aimed to establish the brand and to create a strong presence for the same in the digital space.

Since the client was a young company, we created diverse plans that addressed each requirement of the client effectively.

  • As the client did not have a website, we first designed and developed a website with strong on-page optimized content and other Meta elements.
  • In order to create and strengthen the brand, the first campaign was made to build the Artists and Art Lovers Community for the brand.
  • The second campaign was created to promote art events and create a positive change in society.

Both of these campaigns were reliant primarily on the PPC campaign on Google. Apart from PPC, the following techniques were used.

  • Constant improvement of the website
  • Effective on-page and off-page SEO
  • Constant Adwords campaign
  • Creation, management, and maintenance of social media channels
  • Social media contesting and other engagement activities
  • PR for various public activities and events in major dailies in India and it helped to feature the work on Helen Keller’s Wikipedia
  • Created high-value backlinks.


The campaign was a massive success for the client, helping it reach greater heights than it previously envisaged possible with the promotion.

  1. We were able to submit over 1200 posts to various social media channels.
  2. More than 100 high quality, niche-relevant, keyword-optimized back-links were created.
  3. More than 1500 images were shared in various image sharing platforms for the improved reach of the campaign.

Based on the above, focused activities, the marketing reach for the client grew by over 240% which contributed heavily to an improvement in the number of website visits by over 102%. The campaign was also able to register a growth of 92% in the Artist Community Network.

With the help of targeted and focused PPC campaign relegated to Artists and Art lovers Community Building, the foundation was able to drive as many as 82,686 page views from 27,018 users over a period of five months from May to September 2017. The total page sessions contributed by the users came at about 30,896 during the same period.

With the second campaign that ran from November 2017 to March 2018, the results were stunning, as well. Since the campaign looked to promote art events and create positive change in society, we were able to drive the total page views of about 44,487 from 14,245 new users. The users contributed a total of 16143 new page sessions as well for the period.

50K + Vistors

1.5 M Page Views

2K Facebook Followers

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