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An Award-Winning Premium Wedding Planner



Our client, Rainmaker Events, is a premium-wedding planner based in Cochin, India. Their main aim is to plan dream weddings for their clients. They plan the best wedding for their clients from diverse cultures, both in India and Overseas. Founded in 2012, Rainmaker Events, the company saw a bright future and was a fathom away to grab its success. But, they failed to achieve their expectations. It was back then when they understood that without a professional digital marketer, they would fail to climb the pillar of success. They needed to fill up the gaps in their existing strategy that prevented them from reaching the goals. Their positive aspiration in finding the best solution established our relationship.

Wedding Planner

The firm engages in arranging premium-wedding facilities. They also focus on Indian destination and Overseas Destination weddings. In addition to arranging for different weddings, they take care of every detail of a wedding, including announcements, traveling, logistics and accommodations, and venue selection, designing the venue.

Technicality and Hospitality

They take care of all the hospitality including creating beautiful illumination and outdoor lighting along with better management of sounds, audio-visual equipment. The firm also take cares of the guests as they provide better cordiality. They are very particular about theme-based welcoming and housekeeping at the venues.

Creating a Network

Rainmaker Events intends to engage clients from every nook and corners of the world through a well-organized, professional, and expansive network of various professions. From the best hairstyle to make-up artists to the best illumination and services, they have rocked every wedding, creating an impression.


While we were looking through the services and strategies followed by our client, we understood that they needed an effective marketing strategy that would help them in gaining their position in the event planner industry.

They wanted us in creating:
  • A strong presence over online for their brand.
  • A well-designed, SEO-optimized and attractive website.
  • Numerous visitors on their website
  • Promotion of their website and portfolio both in India and overseas.
  • Content marketing for their services.


After analyzing the requirements of the client, we came up with the following challenges:

  • The client did not have a website or even a portfolio. Therefore, we needed to create a portfolio and an SEO-optimized website.
  • The client lacked knowledge about the diverse options that are available for digital marketing and paid ads.
  • The client had a tight budget as it failed to progress in these years.
  • The branding process began from scratch.
  • We faced immense difficulties in creating brand awareness. This is due to the narrow level of the audience spectrum.
  • The absence of a portfolio made the process of digital marketing tough for us. Besides title tags, descriptions and other contents were missing, which created immense difficulties in creating social media presence.
  • The existing players in the industry had a strong presence that made our job complicated.

The Solution: How we addressed the challenges

Since the client was new and wanted to set a firm foot into the business, we created a new marketing strategy. The new strategy created aimed at establishing the brand, thereby creating a strong presence of the firm digitally.

Creating diversified plans helped in effectively and efficiently addressing every requirement of the client.

  • First, we started with creating a portfolio for the client. Then we looked into building a website that was SEO optimized. It contained on-page optimized content and services.
  • The second campaign created for the promotion of wedding events around the world, thereby creating brand awareness and a better brand image for the clients.
  • We now continuously improve the website and include photographs of the latest events and weddings.
  • Creating, managing, and maintaining social media presence for the client.
  • We also introduced optimized videos, along with several high-quality videos and blogs. We created these blogs, realizing the niche of the clients, their target audience, and the trend.
  • They utilized all types of online resources for listing, bookmarking as well as sharing the content and images for digital marketing.
  • We tried to give our clients the best support by utilizing the available tools for measuring our efficiency.

20K + Vistors

1M + Page Views

3K Facebook and 5K Instagram Followers

THE OUTCOME of the Project

While we executed the project for the client during these months, the client found that they have constant growth in the number of visitors and engagement metrics across several digital platforms. The client needed to develop a unique and comprehensive strategy for digital marketing. This included addressing their requirements while considering the industry of their operation.

The client gained:
  • More than 20K visitors over the year
  • More than 1 million page views
  • The campaign brought more than 6K new customers during the ongoing project.
  • Brought more visitors on social media platforms, especially over Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.
  • The client presently has more than 3K Facebook likes and 5K Instagram followers.

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