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Sastra Robotics, our client, is an emerging robotics solutions provider based in India. They aim to offer extensive and comprehensive robotics and automation services to clients from diverse business sectors operating in India and at international waters.As one of the most promising startups in 2012, Sastra Robotics was getting all the limelight a startup company can only fathom to grab, but they weren’t making the progress they had expected.It was then they realized they need the support of a professional digital marketing partner who can fill the holes in the existing strategy and help them reach their goalsTheir endeavors to find the best in the business led them to us.


With many goals defined ahead for the company in the immediate and long-term future, Sastra Robotics was not only limping to get the footing in the market, they also were not making any progress in terms of client and project acquisition.

Though there were more than enough opportunities to take advantage of, they quickly realized that it was the lack of a focused and definite digital marketing strategy that pulled their growth rate down from what it should have been.


When the client approached us, all they needed was to get a comprehensive and effective digital marketing strategy that can put them back on the robotic industry map. They wanted us to help them with;

  • Effective social media marketing
  • Organic search engine optimization
  • Comprehensive digital marketing strategy


As the client approached us and let us know about their project deliverables, we understood that the client needed a unique and comprehensive digital marketing strategy addressing their requirements all the while taking into consideration the industry they operate in.

Our analyses helped us come up with the following challenges that we must face.

The robotics industry was growing and has not found a large audience like most other technology-driven industries. There were numerous clients looking to find the same audience our client was trying to connect.

The client needed us to refrain from using the paid search engine and social media campaigns so as to work with a tight budget.

This was another challenge that convinced us to look for effective organic search engine techniques to achieve the goals of the client.

The website of the client was old, simple, and was not properly search engine optimized.

This made the process of digital marketing tougher for us as most search engine optimization elements such as effective title tags, description and quality content optimized with right keywords were all missing.

We also found that the existing players in the industry also had a pretty strong presence online organically making our job difficult than it already was.


Having weighed in the requirements of the client against the challenges we have during the execution of the project, we decided to create a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that would address all of the challenges of the project. This has put us in a situation where needed to work extensively and intensively to filter only those platforms that will offer the client engaged, performing and interacting users instead of wasting time and efforts on channels that do not actually value to the digital marketing efforts of the clients.

We began the project laying the groundwork for the work to come; we completely redesigned the website. We set up a website development team that took care of all elements of the website from developing, designing, and creating keyword-optimized content writing and all other on-page SEO elements.

We also introduced to the website search engine optimized videos, banner videos, the process videos, and several high quality, well-researched blogs about the services rendered by the client. While these were the foundation for our work, we went ahead with the defined tasks and digital marketing techniques such as article submission and blog marketing to endow us with greater effectiveness.

The articles and blogs were created realizing the nature of the client’s niche, their target audience, and the trend to make sure that we were able to constantly put out well-researched content onto the website and its channels. We also utilized a range of online resources to list, bookmark, share the content and images created for the purpose of digital marketing.

Apart from that, in order to make sure that our efforts are well complemented by the social media pages of the client, we created well-focused social media pages and regularly published well-crafted content onto the same. In addition to that, we also created strategies to engage the audience from time to time engaging them interacting. We also persistently shared blogs, articles, and guest posts.

In our efforts to offer our clients with the best support, we have taken extensive advantage of such effective tools to measure the effectiveness of our efforts. We utilized impressive CRM tools to measure the leads, analytical tools to measure the traffic and its quality, and others to effectively measure the behavior and responses of the visitors.


During the upcoming months of the project execution, the client was able to observe constant growth in a range of their website visitor and engagement metrics across desktop, tablet, and mobile platforms. As the client approached us and let us know about their project deliverables, we understood that the client needed a unique and comprehensive digital marketing strategy addressing their requirements all the while taking into consideration the industry they operate in.

Precisely the client was able to;

  • A mass a total of 21255 website visitors over the year.
  • Gather up a total page-views of 63926.
  • The the campaign also helped bring in over 20015 new visitors and users to the client’s website during the project.
  • Increase the social media reach headed by Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube with others, as well.
  • Get as many as 2240 Facebook page likes.

21K + Vistors

64K Page Views

3K Facebook and 2K Twitter Followers

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