E-Commerce Development

Visual presence along with good sales is possible with an E-Commerce platform. Make shopping easy and enjoyable for all.

The digital platform has changed the face of business and the e-commerce website is working as the middle man connecting buyers with sellers. Today there are many e-commerce sites in the online market and thus competition is very high. You have to make yourself stand out in the crowd and so opt for the best e-commerce development company. Customers should find your e-commerce website appealing and also easy to use. Mobile is an important part of the digital world and so it is
advisable to take your e-commerce business to mobile. Mobile gives freedom to access the app at any time and any place and thus get good leads. Modern and useful features are a must for the e-commerce website to survive in competition. The website must be designed based on your business and the products you are selling in the market. These e-commerce websites and mobile apps must be able to satisfy your customers and make them visit again and again.

What we do at Xakbox E-Commerce Development services?

We are having a team of experts who understand your business and make it possible to stand out from the competition. We have a team that works for both B2B and B2C websites to boost the sales of your business. We integrate payment gateways, cart, plugin and much more to give exceptional services.

Custom Shopping Cart 

To give a new shopping experience we offer a custom shopping cart for our clients. We are ready to change color, size, logo, icons, etc based on your website and make it quite appealing. Using the latest technology and creativity can make customers happy.

Marketplace Development

If you are willing to get into online business but not as manufacturer opts for marketplace development. We have a team of experts who use the latest technology to create a secure and safe marketplace for your e-commerce business.

WooCommerce Development

If you are tight on budget and still planning to jump in online business nothing is better than WooCommerce. Our team can help you to develop your online store with this plugin. To make it more simple we can convert your website to a sales-driven platform.

Payment Gateway Integration

The payment gateway is an important part of your e-commerce business that needs a smooth transaction. It requires utmost security and safety as customers are sharing their confidential data with the site and so we use technology to encrypt such sensitive data.

E-Commerce App Integration

Today people are mostly using mobile for shopping and checking out reviews. So, our experts are ready to go for e-commerce app integration that will increase your sales and get a good name in the market. We make sure that the e-commerce app has reminiscence of the business.

Shopify E- Commerce Development

Shopify is the best eCommerce platform for beginners. We have a team that has skills to work with Shopify and thus help to boost the sales of the business. We can add value to your brand and take it to a new level with customization.
Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy
Not only Travelers, Nowadays customers go through blogs & review sites before purchases or booking. Consumer buying behavior seems like its changing but it is constant. Word of mouth referrals or advertising is getting replaced by blogs, user review sites & informative websites.
A good quality blog which relates to your niche, targeting the right audience and linked to the right media channel can develop a wide community base. This base can be converted into potential customers. Once customers feel that your site provides regular updates on products, ideas, opinions etc. which they are looking for, then you are on your way building your brand with a loyal fan base.

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Why XakBoX Ecommerce Services?

Selling online is not as easy as it needs the best e-commerce website that can fulfill the needs of customers and clients. At XakBoX we have different teams who are working to make your e-commerce website best in the market. We are flexible enough to take up requirements from our clients and try to maintain transparency.

Creative UI & UX

Our designing team takes care of both UI and UX to give a pleasant experience. Creativity is a must while working with UI as it must look attractive but at the same time, it must be easy to use. We make sure that customers find trouble-free shopping with an e-commerce site.

Fully Customizable

As every business is different from each other the same is for an e-commerce website. We are open to customization so that clients can get all their requirements fulfilled. The fully customizable site will grab attention and also help to convert visitors to consumers.

Mobile Responsive

Mobile is the most used platform and so we are developing an e-commerce app to increase your sales. We have a team that opts for responsive design as it would have functionality the same for websites and mobile apps. This makes it easy to maintain for our clients and get good leads.

Conversion Focused

The main aim of the e-Commerce site is to have a good conversion rate. Customers are investing in development to make it converted into sales. We are also focused and try that all our customers are satisfied with the site and have a high return on Investment.

Merchant Friendly

Many businesses are working as a merchant e-commerce platform and so the site must be designed accordingly. We make sure to have visibility, security, and all the features required for designing merchant friendly e-commerce sites. This is for the clients who are working in B2B.


The online market is all about the customers and so our e-commerce sites or apps are customer-centric. The revenues of e-commerce come from customers and so we make sure your clients get a great experience & ease of use while using our e-commerce platform.