Mobile App Development

Mobile is the easiest and most popular platform in the digital world. So, use it as a weapon to sell your business to the open world.

Today most people spend their time accessing mobile and so it's time to shift your business to the mobile platform. Most of the website traffic comes through mobile and so it is equally important for digital platforms. Design an app for your products or services especially to target mobile users. Mobile apps can be accessed at any time and anyplace which is one of the reasons that it gets more exposure as compared to the website.
The trend of mobile app development is increasing as users are not happy to access the website through mobile. Creativity and skill are required to develop apps for mobile and get good leads. You can even opt for responsive design so that both the website and mobile have the same design and visitors feel similarity. Mobile apps would make it easy to speak about your business and get good exposure in the online market.

Our Mobile App Development Services

Mobile is the best online advertising channel today as it can easily reach customers. Every business must conduct an advertising campaign even for mobile to get the required exposure and visibility into the digital world. Every social media platform is more accessible through mobile and so opting it as an online advertising channel can give fruitful outcomes.

Android App Development

We offer complete android app development service starting from the blueprint, designing, developing, testing, and lastly deploying. We can create a new app from scratch based on your requirement. If you have some exciting apps and are willing to add new features our team can help you and thus update your existing app.

iOS App Development

The iOS development team has good experience and is able to work out with any type of app. Our team understands the main motive behind developing an app and thus make the blueprint that includes design and features to be incorporated. This helps to come up with the best iOS app using all the latest features and services.

Mobile App Marketing

Our mobile marketing team helps to promote your app on various advertising platforms like social media, influencers, backlinks, etc. This will help to increase the download and installation of the app and if in-app purchase if used it will help to get good income. Once your app gets popularity integrating ads can also generate revenue.
Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy
Not only Travelers, Nowadays customers go through blogs & review sites before purchases or booking. Consumer buying behavior seems like its changing but it is constant. Word of mouth referrals or advertising is getting replaced by blogs, user review sites & informative websites.
A good quality blog which relates to your niche, targeting the right audience and linked to the right media channel can develop a wide community base. This base can be converted into potential customers. Once customers feel that your site provides regular updates on products, ideas, opinions etc. which they are looking for, then you are on your way building your brand with a loyal fan base.

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The Scope of XakBoX Mobile App Development Services

The scope of mobile application development has grown enormously that it places new strains on businesses in order to remain competitive in their own market. The mobile app development has been the center of innovation and its market is currently the fastest growing market in India. At XakBoX, we thrive to provide you the best mobile app development services to write the success story of your business.

Mobile App Consulting

Customers who are looking for building a mobile application but are not sure about what they need to have in it can get advice from our team. The mobile app consulting team consists of experienced and professional employees who try to understand the need of your business and advise accordingly

User Experience Design

The design of the app must be very attractive and appealing. But at the same time it must be designed based on users and how will they be using it. Our team works on the design focusing on how users would experience it and thus come up with the unique design for the app.

Mobile Application Development

The mobile app is the best digital platform to promote your business and get good leads. Getting on mobile will help to increase your visibility and presence in the online market. Our team of developers makes sure to fulfill all requirements of the customer and make sure it fulfills the intended purpose.

Mobile Backend Development

Backend is equally important for a mobile app as user input is stored in the database and results are given based on the query. We have a backend team that manages the database and query to form a connection of the front end with the backend. In some cases, data is stored in the encryption to ensure security.

Mobile Application Testing

Testing is equally very important for a mobile app. There are different mobile sizes and brands and so our team comes up with the app which is compatible with all devices. The testing team makes sure to check on different devices with various scenarios to leave no scope of mistake before deployment.

Mobile Application Marketing

Creating an app is not enough, marketing the mobile application to the targeted users is equally important. We have a marketing team that helps to promote your app on different platforms and thus get focus on your app. Mobile marketing is all about increasing the downloads of the app and forcing people to opt for an in-app purchase.