SEO + Content Marketing

SEO and content marketing algorithms change with time and so keep your site updated accordingly to get visitors and traffic.
SEO is responsible to get traffic and visitors to your site while content marketing is to promote your products or service with relevant information. Thus both are equally important to grow with the business and to survive in the digital world. SEO is all about tags, meta description, keywords, content and much more. Search Engine Optimization in India can work for you and achieve all your business goals.
In SEO keywords play an important role as it helps to get your site on search engine result pages. Content must convey important facts and information about your business and so must have relevant keywords to make search easy for spiders. To keep your customers engaged with the site always try to come up with fresh and unique content for your site.

Three Pillars of SEO

In all content and SEO, both are not two separate departments and both need to work together to get the required result. A perfect balance on these two factors will help to explore your business in the digital world. So, before jumping make sure to get quality content for your products and services which also follows SEO strategies and techniques. The main aim is to get traffic and improve the ranking of your site.

Website Performance

The performance of the website will bring traffic to the site and so it must be user friendly and most importantly easy to load. Header tags, links, image optimization are equally important to increase the performance of the site.

Website Content

Content is the heart of your website and also has a great impact on SEO. Content that can convey your words and have an impact on visitors can only convert them into your customers. Precise and quality content must be practiced for the site.

Off Page Factors

Link building, social marketing, influencer marketing as the off-page factors which are equally important to get good ranking in SEO. It will help to work on search engine results of the website and get more visitors.

Why do you need SEO?

SEO helps your site to get traffic and ranking which is a must to survive in a competitive market. It uses different techniques, tools, and algorithms that can make it possible to get the required exposure. XakBoX Search Engine Optimization helps you get all the SEO benefits to your website and get you to the top in the search engine page results .

Improve Search Engine Ranking

SEO works on keywords, page titles, sitemaps ,URL structure and content are very important to get a top place in the search engine result page. This will improve your ranking as the search engine crawler will show your site on the first result page.

Generate Natural Traffic

Implementing SEO will help to get organic traffic to the site. SEO would require quality content based on the target audience and use keywords to make the search easy. Regular blogs will keep visitors engaged with the site and this is the best way to get traffic.

Get Quality Leads

SEO will optimize your home page, keywords and also make it mobile friendly to get quality leads. It also works as a spy on your competitors' sites and thus helps to make changes to rule the market.
Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy
Not only Travelers, Nowadays customers go through blogs & review sites before purchases or booking. Consumer buying behavior seems like its changing but it is constant. Word of mouth referrals or advertising is getting replaced by blogs, user review sites & informative websites.
A good quality blog which relates to your niche, targeting the right audience and linked to the right media channel can develop a wide community base. This base can be converted into potential customers. Once customers feel that your site provides regular updates on products, ideas, opinions etc. which they are looking for, then you are on your way building your brand with a loyal fan base.

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Why XakBoX Search Engine Optimization?

If you are looking for Search engine optimization in India feel free to connect with our team. We have the team that can fulfill the SEO needs of the business and gives required exposure. We maintain transparency with clients and make sure to fulfill their business goals.

Competitive Analysis

We perform a competitive analysis that will know about your competitors and their strategies. It will help to improve your business plan and take advantage of them.

Content Marketing

Content is king, so we have a team of writers who try to understand your products or services and write accordingly. They make sure that words will help to sell your business.

Local SEO

If you are having a business that focuses on the local market we work according to it. We work on visibility, credibility and try to get local consumers who would be benefited from your service.

On-page SEO

Our on-page SEO technique will help to improve the performance of your site which will indirectly increase ranking. Your site would get the required traffic from search engines and lead the competition.

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO is equally important in the digital world and so we work on link building, content marketing, influencer marketing, etc. It helps search engines to know other’s views about your business.


Blogging affects the ranking of the site and so our team posts relevant blogs regularly which have a great impact on the consumers. We choose the best blogging strategy to target the right audience.