Social Media Marketing

Influence people with social media marketing and make it possible to sell your words in the market. Social media marketing grows with your audience.

Social Media Marketing is all about sharing your thoughts, information on different platforms. People who are looking for Social media marketing in India to increase ranking and traffic can hire our special services. Content plays an important role in social media marketing and so we come up with content that can influence customers and convert them to your customers. It is a platform to influence a broader audience and get followers. The main reason to go for social media
marketing is to convey information about your products or services on social media platforms. We use blogs, forums, videos, podcasts and many other such things to interact with customers. Competition is very tough and so we come up with a resource that is very helpful for customers and also shares it on different platforms. Our Social Media Marketing in India will target a larger audience and help to build relationships with customers.

Why Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to build relationships with customers. People spend most of their time on Social media and so marketing through this platform can get brand recognition. It will have inbound traffic and is also the best medium to communicate with customers. Social Media Marketing in India can make it easy to target ideal consumers for your product or services. So, Social Media Marketing is must get to build online reputation and gain loyal customers.

Facebook Marketing

Creating a Facebook page for communication is the best way to engage with customers. It is the most targeted social media platform where you can advertise your brand.

Instagram Marketing

Instagram is trending the social media platform where you can get an online presence of your business. It will make it easy to engage with customers with visual presentation.

YouTube Marketing

If you are looking for video marketing-nothing can beat Youtube. It is the platform that helps to build traffic, awareness and get good ROI.

Linkedin Marketing

LinkedIn is a professional network that can work as the best platform for marketing. It can drive traffic to the website and increase your ranking. You can connect with the community who are interested in your products.

Pinterest Marketing

Images speak more than words and so Pinterest is the impactful and most affordable marketing platform. To get traffic to the website and convert viewers to customers it is a good platform.

Twitter Marketing

To connect with the right audience for your business twitter is the best social media marketing platform.It can make it easy to bring awareness of the brand and tweeting will show feelings of your happy customers.


Social media has global coverage and hence it is a valuable marketing media for your product to reach and attract millions across the globe. You should broadcast your company & product messages more on places where your potential customers’ hangout.

Customers, today, rarely have time to go shopping. So the way they buy products have changed. Social media can strongly influence the customers’ purchases You can increase your sale rate by 70% by promoting your product on right social media

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Why XakBoX Social Media Marketing

We at XakBoX are here to help businesses to promote their brand on the various social media platforms. Our main aim is to help our clients get maximum benefit through these platforms. We try to understand your business, target audience and plan accordingly to get the required result.

Competitor Analysis

We have tools and techniques that give an analysis report on your competitors along with their strengths and weaknesses. It can help to change your plans and get ahead of your competitors.

Engaging Social Content

Our creative team comes up with unique, informative content with targeted hashtags & infographics to engage with your targeted customers for your services or products.

Data-Driven Paid Campaigns

The effective data-driven paid campaigns will help to generate quality leads much faster than natural traffic. Paid campaigns boost the overall marketing strategy.

Managing Social Reputation

Social reputation management is a must for building credibility and maintaining transparent relationships with customers & avoid negative reviews. Reviews effect your sales.

Response Management

Social media marketing is a platform where you can connect and communicate with customers. So, we have a team who will interact with customer issues to maintain authenticity.

Influence Marketing

Marketing through an online influencer has more impact which will help your business to get awareness about your product and credibility about your services.