Video Production and Photography

Expand Your Brand Engagement through Visual Media. Videos and Pictures are more likely to create a catchy impression on your customers.

Images say a thousand words while videos speak a thousand images. There was a time when making videos and clicking pictures was just a hobby, but now it is an image age essential part of people's business life. There is no better way to keep your customer engaged than content that you can see and feel connected to.

Pictures and videos can dramatically increase brand engagement on social media, websites, and virtually every platform. The combination of photography and video editing can create the best marketing content. Animations, gifs, videos, brand images are now the steps to get the user's attention.

XakBoX Video Production Services

Video Production is now a necessary element for your company's marketing. Our video production services will guide you and create for you the best suitable videos for your company's marketing. We help you by providing professional tools and equipment to produce better videos. It is necessary to attract the attention of the target audience to show your company features. With the help of video production, you can make the best content for your online campaigns.

Social media Videos

Social Media is the fastest growing platform for marketing. Animation videos, gifs, IGTV videos are all part of the social media videos. Video contents that get posted on social media platforms to portray any kind of message are all social media videos. These help for social media marketing.

Corporate Videos

Corporate videos are small informational videos that help you to know about the company values and perspective. These videos are more formal and knowledgeable. Many leaders of different companies talk about their roles and work through videos. That's what corporate videos are all about, getting to know about the companies better.

Promotional videos

Promotional videos are content videos that get created to promote your product and services. They guide the customers with information about your products without making them buy it. From entertainment to professional purpose promotional videos are always useful to expand. It sends awareness of your brand to the customer.

Explainer Videos

Explainer Videos are short videos or animation that explains the purpose of any company or business. The videos are very memorable and thoughtful. They are catching the eye of the world from the past few years. These animation videos are quick and attractive to make and helps spread the word faster.

Product Photography

It is the process by which businesses and companies use the media of photography to promote their product. Product photography is mainly used in advertising like catalogues, or campaigns or posters. It talks about the product and services of the company with attracting and representing photography.

E-commerce shoot

E-commerce shoot is the method used to sell your product or service over the online platform using photos. There are many companies that use E-commerce websites to promote their products. Taking good quality pictures of the product and portraying them on online platforms is the main concern of E-commerce.


Social media has global coverage and hence it is a valuable marketing media for your product to reach and attract millions across the globe. You should broadcast your company & product messages more on places where your potential customers’ hangout.

Customers, today, rarely have time to go shopping. So the way they buy products have changed. Social media can strongly influence the customers’ purchases You can increase your sale rate by 70% by promoting your product on right social media

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Why XakBox Video Services?

Marketing is very important for the up-rise of any business. Video Production or Professional photography is the key to good marketing. Producing the best quality information videos about your product for the customers is not easy. We would like to help you with this process. Our best quality tools and guides will help you create top-quality videos for your product marketing. Good top-notch photos and videos help you in social media and digital marketing. Our goal is to take your company a step ahead from others. As they say, the first impression is the last impression.

Animation Videos

Animation Videos are the perfect way to use videos for portraying campaign messages and slogans. Many large companies post small animation videos on online platforms to get customer attention. Using our tools you can become one of those companies that make the best animation videos for marketing.

Brand Videos

From coca-cola to google every famous company has its own brand videos. Brand videos are the success element for digital marketing. By our help, you can show the features of the brand with a touch of entertainment. These get the attraction of your customers faster when they are searching online.

Custom Scripts

Our creative and experienced writers will create short but precise scripts required for video production. As we are experienced with digital marketing we know how to create the script which will penetrate your customer's mind. We need to make sure the script is short and precise to the point.

Sales videos

Sales videos are a powerful element to interact with your customers. These types of videos can help you explain your company's purpose and sales via video. It helps you teach and explain your company professionally to the target audience. They will get more knowledge about your product and services.

Training videos

The training video's only purpose is to make your customers educated about your company or business. These videos can get created by the employee of your company or anyone else to train the upcoming future employee or your customers. We help you to know what things you need to make good training videos.

Campaign Shoots

Campaigning about your products helps your company gather customers. We create the best campaign shoots ideas and tools for you to use so that you can advertise your products properly on e-commerce or other platforms. A video of the products rather than showing a picture of the product makes you more trustworthy.