WooCommerce Development

Are you in need of setting up an online store? Well, WooCommerce is here to help. As a plugin, it assists in creating an online platform to carry out your business. It helps you to have complete control over your online store. Other platforms often come with limitations such as you have limitations in modifying it. But, with the help of WooCommerce, you can manage everything.
Your store is just not a store, but you can also host various blogs and pages. Also, you don’t have to pay any commission on your sales, and there are no monthly subscriptions as in other e-commerce platforms. You can start from the very beginning and build your online store as your business grows.

XakBoX WooCommerce Development Services

Xakbox is a reputed expert in providing the best WooCommerce development services. We will help you in developing e-commerce stores from scratch using WooCommerce technology. The stores we create are sure to offer your customers with great experience, as they are high in functionality.

Nowadays, the WooCommerce plugin is the most used open-source platform. Besides, it is easy to use, and you can easily incorporate the plugin into HTML. Research states that around 68,000 or 6.8% of the world’s top million websites use WooCommerce, as of January 2020.

WooCommerce Customisation

Website customisation is of great importance. WooCommerce is one of the most customisable plugins for your online business. Website customisation plays an essential role in creating a unique identity of your website. With the help of WooCommerce, we help you to create customisable logos, themes, and designs. We ensure that your website is easy to navigate and convenient for your customers. To make your site more comfortable for your customers, we provide the filter' or 'sort' options to pick up a particular product readily.

WooCommerce Theme Development

At XakBoX, we help you to develop themes according to your choice so that you can attract more customers. We provide you with pre-set designs, performance, and functionality, along with the best user experience and services. We will help you to attract more customers with alluring designs and templates. We develop your website in a way that it is responsive in every gadget. Our main motive is to help you reach the potential leads with the utmost and most exceptional experience and your brand or product reach the maximum customers.

API Integration

Application Programming Interface (API) helps to build the interaction between the data, devices and applications. API Integration facilitates ease in carrying out business. A REST API is available with Woo-commerce to take care of everything from orders to products. We will enhance the communication between your business and your customers as well as other businesses. API integration helps in creating a mobile application based on WooCommerce. This further provides a better user experience as well.

WooCommerce Migration

If you are currently using any other platform, then migrating to WooCommerce is possible! If you ever feel like migrating to some other platform, with the help of WooCommerce we provide you with a backup of your online store. Migrating your store won’t hamper its functioning. Your data will remain secured as your services duplicate its entities to the new store. The migration will save the time of your customers, and your customers can also recover their old passwords hassle-free. So migrating to another platform, let us handle it.

WooCommerce Plugin Development

Having a platform that caters to the needs of its audience is what every business aims to have. Amidst the plenty of e-commerce plugins, we will guide you to choose the right plugin with desired and indispensable features. WooCommerce Plugin Development assists you to create plugins that are not available at the moment. Do you need a payment gateway plugin, a shipping partner plugins or any other functionality plugin? Well, we have you covered. Once you let us take care of it, there is nothing to worry to be regarding your platform or website.

WooCommerce Maintenance & Support

The budding business demands your valuable time to ensure that almost all customers experience and sustain excellent service. This may take up all your time and can leave you lacking in other areas. At XakBoX, our team is always there for you with a variety of maintenance and support services. Creating, running, maintaining, and supporting a website is undoubtedly not an easy task. But if you allow us to help you, you no longer have to worry about it. We will provide the best services for your website taking the worry off your hands.

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What makes WooCommerce the most desired platform?

WooCommerce offers advanced features with both free and premium plugins. On the whole, Woocomerce is free. It has several free quality templates. It offers many premium features, which are provided at a cost by other providers, absolutely free. This makes WooCommerce the most widely used e-commerce platform. Let us highlight some of the important reasons why you should select WooCommerce.

User Friendly

We believe that being user-friendly is one of the most important aspects. Woo-commerce supplies you with plenty of features, which help you to navigate and find the products you want quickly. WooCommerce comes with various advantages and features and it has the most user-friendly plugins and addons available to date. You can browse and find the products easily. Also, with the help of WooCommerce, our team will ensure that your online store is user friendly by providing multilingual content and prices in multiple currencies.

SEO Friendly

Optimising your website is the best way to reach your customers. SEO plays a vital role in bringing up your website in the top search results. Your site needs to find a ranking in SERP. WooCommerce, along with WordPress, helps you to get your products ranked. As WordPress itself is an SEO friendly CMS platform, it consequently makes WooCommerce an SEO friendly platform. We will help you to get your store on the top search results. We will also offer backlinks as well as well-researched keywords to your site so that it ranks on the first page.


Customisation brings in individuality. It helps to make a website stand out. It gives your website an identity of its own. WooCommerce offers you customisable options for managing your storefront. Storefront plays a vital role in attracting customers. Both free and paid themes are available in WordPress that supports WooCommerce. These advanced options that WooCommerce offers will enable you to experience an increase in your site visitors. You can also customise your storefront by modifying CSS and theme colours.

More Features & Integration Options

As the saying goes, the more, the merrier. We follow this at woo- commerce. WooCommerce is reliable and flexible with the features and integration options it offers. This makes WooCommerce the most popular e-commerce platform. It also provides premium add-ons as your business grows. It provides a set of built-in features as well as various advanced plugins that help you to create, run and optimise your online store. At XakBoX, we provide WooCommerce service without any limitations in plugins and features.

More Themes Available

The thing that stands out WooCommerce is that it offers a broad set of themes. It provides themes that work for every business type. You can select from the themes already available or even customize it to suits your business. You can also use custom themes according to your needs. Even if your business is small, you can grow your business with the help of WooCommerce. At XakBoX, we will help you in choosing the best theme for your store. We will also create themes as per your choice. WooCommerce is a reliable platform.

Cost Effective

Cost-efficiency is something that we prioritise when providing our services. Creating an ideal service at great prices is our primary goal. One of the most common factors that everyone looks for is pricing. There are many e-commerce platforms in the market. Some of them demand huge investment while some are cheap. If you are looking for an e-commerce platform that provides excellent quality service with an affordable price, then WooCommerce is your answer! At XakBoX, we provide WooCommerce that is a better option as compared to other e-commerce platforms.