Digital Marketing

Creation of a website or Mobile application, then marketing it to reach your targeted customers for selling your products and services, we take care of everything.
Digital Marketing is the form of marketing that uses online platforms to promote products and services. Digital Marketing can help you reach a wide range of audience that is both cost-effective and time-efficient. 21st century people spend more time online than offline, which creates a need to do marketing online. Digital Marketing gives you the perfect space and an idea for your company to reach out to more customers worldwide.
Digital marketing in India is growing day by day. It is the ideal platform for small businesses and start-ups to make their mark in the market. You are not limited to one platform in digital marketing as it uses different technologies and platforms. With the help of social media, search engines, mobile devices, and other online platforms, you can connect to more customers. Digital Marketing is the future of marketing to reach your target customers.

XakBoX Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing is all about communicating with your customers with the help of online platforms. Our digital marketing services help you get your company and brand online better and faster. In today's world traditional marketing technology is not useful. Your customers are more online than offline. So why waste more money and time on marketing that will get you fewer customers. We will help to brand your company and get better and more customers in a short time. Let us get online.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the best way to know your customers up close. Nowadays, people spend most of their time on social media. So, the use of social media platforms will get you loyal and better customers. It is the easiest way to promote your brand and company online for faster growth.

Search Engine Optimization

Content is the heart of your website and also has a great impact on SEO. Content that can convey your words and have an impact on visitors can only convert them into your customers. Precise and quality content must be practiced for the site.

Online Advertising

Online Advertising is the fastest way to expand your company's reach and find new customers. It is useful for all sizes of businesses. To leave a mark on your customer, online advertising is the key. Get the best use of the Internet to deliver your message and brand to customers.

Content Marketing

It is a strategic way of marketing that focuses on creating, exposing, and distributing content for a defined audience. With the help of content marketing, you gain the interest of customers on your brand or company. With the use ofcontent marketing, you get a better approach to the customers.

Influencer Marketing

Experts in different fields act as influencers for the customers to promote and support your brand or company. These vital members or influencers are the ones your customers follow, so they can make their followers know about your company's brand.

HubSpot Integration

The HubSpot system will benefit your business by providing better control of your marketing. HubSpot integration provides free CRM. This will help you in tracking the visitors from the first day. We will optimize for personalized paths, increasing the conversion and close rates for your businesses.
Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy
Online shopping is gaining popularity among Indian internet users and stood at 49% in 2016. This share is above global average, which stood at 38 percent as of 2016 and the second highest in the world. Mobile shopping has gained space in the country as well. Yet, only one-third (460 million) of the Indian population are net users now. Digital India is urging perople to become net users thus, giving immense scope for the balance two- thirds to become prospective customers!
The cost required for generating leads using Outbound Marketing techniques like TV/radio advertisements, Telemarketing/cold-calling, Newspaper advertising & OOH Advertising are higher when compared with the leads generated using Inbound Digital Marketing. The 50% reduction in lead generation cost will directly reflect in your ROI.

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Why XakBoX Digital Marketing Services?

We will provide you with the best platforms and concepts to make your company digitally present. We understand how your customers are valuable to you. Our aim is to make sure your brand is spreading better and faster. We put all the efforts to know your company and your customer requirements then we come up with the best results. At XakBoX, we believe we do it fast but make it good.

Local SEO

We provide Local SEO for better search engines. We help many small businesses to get notified on the web search engines faster and traffic less. Our local SEO provides you with services, even if you don't have a proper website. We can make your company get faster at your customer's fingertips.

Shopping Advertising

We provide you with the best shopping advertising concepts. Your customer should get the right information about your company or brand. Our team helps your customers get all the required information, such as your product value, image, and uses. Online Ads makes your customer notify you instantly.


It is the process of marketing after studying your customer's previous actions. We help you to know what your customers have liked or viewed on the online platforms. This helps you to make changes and improve according to your customer needs. Remarketing can bring back your lost customers.

Digital Strategy

It is not accessible to market digital directly from offline. A proper digital strategy helps you to reach your target audience faster. We make the perfect digital strategies based on your customer's needs and your company. A complete digital strategy helps your brand or company understand your customers better.

Data Analytics

Data Science is the future of technology. Data Analytics predicts your future results by analyzing your customers' previous data sets. It is important to analyze your data for better performance. We give you data analytics technology to help you improve your company from the previous state for a better future.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the best professional way to reach your customers. It is the process of branding your company via emails to your target audience. With good catchy subject lines and contents, emails attract better and right customers to your company. Email Marketing is cost-efficient and can reach a wide range.

Reputation Management

The main element of reputation management is your customer's satisfaction. Your business can only grow if you keep up with your customer needs and improve from their feedback. Our Reputation Management services will help you keep up with your customer needs to keep your company reputation at the peak.

Marketing Automation

Market automation makes your work faster. Many software and technologies make your repetitive job done automatically. This is how marketing automation works. We provide you with the best marketing automation that not only increases efficiency. But also helps you work on different online channels faster.

Conversion rate optimization

Every company has its own target audience. Their goal is always to change those target audiences into their users or customers. This is what conversion rate is, and we help you to get the best conversion rate for your company. Conversion rate optimization provides you with good quality customers.